Welcome to MYSQLDevelopment.com There are plenty of resources for MySQL database management on the web. This site however focuses on using MySQL for development purposes, the introduction of Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views in version 5.0 has opened MySQL to a new audience and greatly expanded on the possible uses for MySQL in the future. This site aims to complement the information and support from official MySQL channels and offers tutorials on all the new development features of MySQL 5.0 and some important features of previous releases.

In recent months I have been helped, but it’s obvious that to keep the site fresh and to keep the flow of new information coming we need more people to help out. So this is a call for help, we need you to help us develop content for the site, we are looking for new sections, articles, tips anything which relates to development with MySQL. We particualrly need to expand the section which deals with calling MySQL Stored Procedures from PHP and would be very interested in information on connection to Stored Procedures from other languages, .NET and Java in particular. We are also keen to offer the content of MySQLDevelopment.com in as many languages as possible, if you speak any language other than English it would be great if you could translate a few pages for us. At the very least we would like to get the home page translated into as many languages as possible. So if you think you can help out, even in some small way we would love to hear from you. You can email me personally , I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.