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Condoleezza Rice During Katrina: ‘We ferragamo nyc sale Clearly Have A Race Downside’

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice mentioned President George W. Bush had a “race problem” throughout Hurricane Katrina, however she defended him against his critics who, she stated, tried to make use of the “race card” towards him, in accordance with excerpts from her upcoming memoir, No Higher Honor, published in Newsweek.

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In the e-book, Rice recounted how she went purchasing at the expensive Ferragamo shoe retailer in New York and returned to her hotel:

The airwaves had been full of devastating pictures from New Orleans. And the faces of most people in distress had been black. I knew straight away that I ought to by no means have left Washington. I called my chief of employees, Brian Gunderson. “I am coming dwelling,” I said.

“Yeah. You’d better do that,” he answered.
Then I known as the President. “Mr. President, I’m coming back. I don’t know the way a lot I can do, but we clearly have a race downside,” I stated.

Rice, who grew up in racially segregated Birmingham, Ala.said in September 2005 that race and poverty got here collectively “in a very ugly means” in the “Previous South.”

However, within the memoir, she defended Bush in opposition to some who used the “explosive ‘race card’ to paint the President as a prejudiced, uncaring man.” “It was so unfair, cynical, and irresponsible,” she wrote.

It’s not the primary time she has defended Bush’s handling of Katrina. In a 2009 look on “The View,” she stated, “What really did make me offended was the implication that some people made that President Bush allowed this to occur because these individuals had been black.”

Rice has expressed remorse for the new York Metropolis trip earlier than Katrina, especially for purchasing at an costly shoe retailer. She again wrote concerning the journey to New York, the place she noticed the show “Spamalot” and the Drudge Report noticed. “I wasn’t just the secretary of state with responsibility for international affairs; I was the best rating black in the administration and a key advisor to the President.

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